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Neighborhood Community Services


individuals to build skills needed to begin the recovery process.  Contact us , today!

To access our quality services, please tell us a little about yourself.  We review each assessment with the intent to match individuals need with the most suitable and effective service.


Outpatient services is designed to provide treatment and intervention strategies to increase the strengths and resources of each individual served. Outpatient counseling serves individuals with emotional, behavioral and psychological concerns, substance use and co-occurring disorders. This service empowers individuals to build skills needed to begin the recovery process.

We utilize a range of treatment approaches that are tailored to the specific needs of the individual and/or family. Our clinicians use a variety of evidenced-based or evidence-informed approaches that may include, but are not limited to, Structural Family Therapy, Trauma informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Theory, and Solution-Focused Therapy. We work with individuals of all ages including children, youth and adults. Usually appointment sessions last about 45-60 minutes.


Outpatient therapy is best suited for individuals who have identified difficulties and symptoms that are not severe enough to require hospitalization or residential care, and it can represent a step down from more intensive forms of care such as Intensive In-home services.

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