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“Righteousness exalts a nation”.

We complain about the causes, we gripe about the scope of the problem.

We must build and develop a platform on which to stand and grow and develop programming that empowers, equips, and teaches men to be the head of their homes, respect women, be heroes to their children, and be pillars in the community. Let’s develop programming that empowers young girls to respect themselves and focus on healing from the hurtful, abusive things that were done to them. We didn’t just stumble into fatherlessness over these several centuries, but we can do an about face and use our experience as our fuel to transform our communities to reduce the problem. Many children are lacking their natural protector, which is their father.

From poverty to aggressive behavior to attention-seeking behaviors, our affected individuals need to see relative individuals in positions of authority. Everyone they see in authority, they fear, there isn’t enough men out here!!!

Our children need to develop critical thinking skills, goal setting, and gaining knowledge with empowerment AND skill sets.

It’s time for us to merge forces to form a clearinghouse. It’s time to save the boys AND the girls. Not everyone is called or chosen to do this. Why? Because anyone can put facts and figures together and present their findings but if you don’t have the sweat equity to go with passion, it won’t be effective. It’s as a sounding brass. Real recognizes real at this point.”

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